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Make meaningful connections with consumers on the go!

MyMobileLyfe was founded by journalists who are experts in the social media and mobile landscape.

Initially launched as a digital marketing agency in Metro Atlanta, MyMobileLyfe has evolved into an international digital communications company that offers IT staffing and recruiting, web development, advertising, public relations, in-person and virtual events planning, and marketing automation tools to help businesses of all sizes thrive in today’s mobile world.

What is the mobile lyfestyle?

Today’s consumers are on the go, using smartphones and tablets to stay connected. It’s important to understand the mobile lifestyle in order to communicate with your audience and connect with new customers.

Technology influences the mobile lifestyle. Individuals are no longer tethered to their desks, but instead conduct business and leisure activities through their mobile devices. And we are embracing this technology more than ever…

The facts

  • The majority of American adults are smartphone users.

  • Four out of five use their smartphones to shop.

  • Over three-quarters of all U.S. Internet users access content on both mobile and desktop devices.

  • U.S. adults check their smartphones 150 times per day on average.

  • Mobile Internet usage has already surpassed desktop Internet use.

  • Over half of U.S. adults use at least two devices every day, and one-third use three or more devices.

Atlanta Tech News
Atlanta Tech Blogs

Recruitment marketing and staffing solutions for the technology industry

Mobile technology has not only changed the way businesses interact with customers: it also presents new ways for businesses to recruit talent. MyMobileLyfe uses its decades of media and marketing experience along with the combined reach of its digital network to help tech companies hire better, faster.

Atlanta Tech Blogs, acquired by MyMobileLyfe in 2019, curates, aggregates, and promotes the stories of Atlanta’s technology businesses. Firmly embedded in the region’s tech culture, this website displays news from hundreds of local feeds and shares it to nearly 20,000 readers across multiple digital channels.

Launched in 2019, Atlanta Tech News unites Atlanta companies and tech talent. By providing the latest tech headlines, in-depth features, technology job listings, and company profiles, Atlanta Tech News connects the region’s top tech professionals with businesses seeking their talents.

Hiring new employees is one of the most-important—but among the most-challenging—tasks that growing companies face today. The days of simply posting a plain-text “Help Wanted” job ad and hoping the right candidate finds it are over.

Getting in front of today’s on-the-go job seeker is tough, but MyMobileLyfe’s digital recruitment marketing and IT staffing solutions make the search for your next great hire much easier.

Why should your brand have a mobile strategy?

There are over 200 million smartphones in use in the U.S. alone. Mobile is an integral part of our lives: in order to be successful in reaching out to those who live the mobile lifestyle, your brand must understand who these consumers are, how they live with mobile technology, what they want and what is the best way to engage them.

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What can MyMobileLyfe do for you?

MyMobileLyfe offers powerful marketing and sales automation tools that will integrate seamlessly into your business. Our platform helps you track leads across time and reach them at key moments in order to guide them further down the buyer’s journey.