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The quality of your workforce can make or break your company. As an employer, you need to hire professionals who know their craft to help you propel your business to new heights. But this is not an easy feat considering the competitive nature of the job market. This is where recruitment marketing comes in. Read […]

Leadership development is important for every business. It improves productivity, innovation, employee engagement, and customer retention and reduces employee turnover. A structured leadership development plan highlights how a company intends to train and help employees hone their leadership skills.  In most cases, leadership development occurs in a formal classroom setting. However, individual leadership development plans, […]

There are indications that tech jobs have resumed the positive trajectory after slamming into reverse during the pandemic. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that over 12,900 tech opportunities were created as of last year September. Interestingly, the number of job seekers remains at an all-time high, making the job market competitive. As […]

Offering employees and prospective ones the possibility of cutting out their commute time completely by working from home has appealed to many in recent years. Since 2020, there has been an influx of employees searching for remote opportunities due to the pandemic and finding the best fit for employees and their families. There are different […]

Organizations that have had to let people go for organizations such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon impacted roughly 40,000 employees. In comparison to other years, one recruiter, Atta Tarki, who founded a specialized executive search and project-based staffing firm known as ECA partners offered their take on analyzing the labor market statistics and other variables. […]

Layoffs have occurred in recent weeks starting the new year off which has left employees frantic to find another job to replenish what was lost. Big organizations have also undergone some challenges in the technology field, specifically cybersecurity, and are looking to bring new talent on board. Walmart has undergone challenges recently with its technology […]