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For organizations looking to hire diverse talent, there are different ways to go about appealing to that talent and eventually bringing them on as employees. For one startup in Atlanta, Stratos focuses on a networking and hiring platform for both Black and Latinx candidates looking for new positions in technology and other fields. Jonathan Cornelius […]

The are many arguable benefits to working remotely from saving gas to being at home with family among other pull factors. One organization that is out of New England had been planning for the transition to remote work before the Coronavirus crippled the world. Interactions LLC based in Boston had a plan in place before […]

For certain patients that are eligible, there is an opportunity for hospices in using technology to help retain staff amidst the uncertainty of shortages across the workforce. Hospices have been relying on artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as predictive analytics which are of added value to eligible patients that could be getting the necessary […]

When people think about Calendly, they either think of an efficient calendar or scheduling platform to help different parties meet up without the burden of copious email traffic. Calendly has recently acquired a San Francisco-based company known for scheduling interviews known as Prelude according to an Atlanta Inno article. Calendly, which is a cloud-based scheduling […]