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Ad buying made easy

MyMobileLyfe’s programmatic advertising platform helps businesses target relevant audiences and optimize their promotional strategy. With our tools, ad buyers can reach customers across multiple channels and networks, and they can obtain real-time insights on campaign performance.

While we are able to reach customers based on many demographics and behaviors, MyMobileLyfe specializes in connecting advertisers of all sizes with minority audiences; we have proven experience with companies in several fields, including health, fashion, retail, and nonprofit organizations.

We offer customizable solution for advertisers, behavioral contextual demographic and geographic targeting, integration with the leading ad exchanges, machine-learning technology to optimize campaign performance, and powerful analytics that let advertisers quickly gauge performance and adjust campaigns.

Our digital advertising capabilities


MyMobileLyfe can create ad campaigns targeting users by location, interests, and other demographics. Ad formats can include posts linking to your website content; video ads (using Facebook’s native video platform); and retargeting, which would give users the opportunity to return to your website after they leave.


MyMobileLyfe can create tweets and promote them to new users based on demographics and interests. Promoted tweets can also reach users who follow specific Twitter accounts, including thought leaders and relevant media outlets that can grow the reach of your brand.


MyMobileLyfe can create text ads and promote existing LinkedIn updates to users, depending on their location, industry, job title, seniority, and more.

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

MyMobileLyfe can present text ads to users in search engine results, along with display ads (cube, banner, etc.) across a vast network of websites. Display ads can also be used for retargeting.


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