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How much is Samsung willing to commit to overcome Apple in smartphone sales? According to the Wall Street Journal, a lot.

The Korean electronics manufacturer spent an estimated $20 million on ads during the Academy Awards ceremonies Sunday. But the company’s biggest promotional coup came from Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres during the show itself.

It was with a Galaxy Note 3 that DeGeneres took the “selfie” seen round the world. The smartphone-generated photo of DeGeneres with Hollywood A-list talent is the most shared item on Twitter ever. It was retweeted nearly 3 million times since Sunday night.

Samsung ensured its product placement during the Oscars, according to the Journal, going so far as plugging its product during the red carpet entrance. ABC, the network broadcasting the Oscars, ran a clip of six aspiring filmmakers, equipped with Samsung devices, touring Disney Studios.

The lengths that Samsung went for marketing visibility – high-profile product placement supplementing its ad buy – is indicative of the steps companies are willing to take to promote its product.

Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres broke new ground in social media when her star-studded smartphone “selfie” at Sunday’s ceremonies became the most retweeted item on Twitter ever.

Now, there’s an app that puts you in the picture.

Members of Urturn, which calls itself “a social platform for self-expression,” are joining the party by plugging their own selfies into the Oscars night image and sharing the results on’s “My Best Celebrity Selfie Ever” page as well as to Facebook and Twitter.

While Urturn’s followers can only hope to duplicate DeGeneres’ Twitter results – it was retweeted more than 1 million times since Sunday night, crashing Twitter in the process — it’s all an exercise in fun for the users of the site.

Urturn’s app is downloadable for iOS.

There are very few industries that have been more affected by the advancement in mobile technology as much as the camera and photography industry. Gone are the days when we waited for film to be developed and then shared the results in a photo album at the next family get-together.

Today is a world of instant photographic satisfaction.

What is it that’s made this smartphone shooting and sharing so popular?  It’s just that, the sharing.

Look at the success of the photo sharing social network Instagram. Facebook recently bought the company for a billion dollars. They were willing to spend so much money to buy Instagram because Facebook understands the importance of photo sharing.

There are thousands of photo apps out there that help you take great pictures. What’s your favorite app to use?