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Many of MyMobileLyfe’s recent clients are eCommerce businesses, like Jay Austin, a designer of handmade custom bowties. The Bowtie King of Atlanta had an outdated website on a platform that was difficult to use: in order to grow his online business, he needed a new site that would allow him to easily scale his operation as his inventory and client base grew.

MyMobileLyfe has successfully built a number of websites using WordPress, and Jay Austin’s new site was no exception. The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce allowed us to replicate the functionality of the previous website fully, including the use of subscription products, product wish lists and comparisons, site-wide and category-based discounting, real-time shipping rates, and members-only sections for VIP club members.

[Go here to see the new Jay Austin Collection Bowties website.]

Before we began work on the site, we made a roadmap containing development milestones and deadlines: using this roadmap, we committed to providing regular updates to the client as we made progress on the site. We successfully imported information and photos for over 200 individual products, optimized all pages for search engine exposure, integrated third-party tools for email list building, CRM, and website analytics, and ensured that all outdated URLs were properly redirected to their corresponding pages on the new site. We also wrote a comprehensive documentation manual containing everything the client needed to know in order to keep the website updated.

At the end of the process, Jay Austin had an eCommerce website that was easy for him to maintain, while offering all of the functionality his discerning customers expect in an online shopping experience.