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The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice for many businesses in its region in North Georgia. The organization sought MyMobileLyfe’s assistance on a variety of digital marketing initiatives, but its most pressing need was to upgrade its website, which was slow, outdated, and difficult to view on mobile screens. Without a properly-maintained, device-agnostic website, the GNFCC was unable to capitalize on its outreach efforts via social media, email marketing, search engine results, and other marketing channels frequented by mobile web users.

MyMobileLyfe immediately jumped in to accelerate the website redesign that was already in progress, coordinating between the GNFCC and the developers of the new site to achieve key milestones in the project. With its extensive knowledge of website development and design, MyMobileLyfe quickly diagnosed and resolved issues that were delaying completion of the project.

In addition to the work on the GNFCC’s new website, we also pitched in to help its staff rebuild its website dedicated to its major annual event, the North Fulton Business Expo. With the Expo coming up in a handful of weeks, we collaborated with the GNFCC team to populate the site with fresh content previewing the event and new graphics, knowing that the site would soon receive heavy traffic as people began to seek more information about the event.

Also, MyMobileLyfe helped program the GNFCC’s monthly email newsletter to its members. This involved writing original content and aggregating other content of interest to this audience. In recent months, we introduced links to interactive features, including a poll related to transportation (a big issue in Georgia, given the heavy volume of road traffic there), which immediately increased engagement with the newsletter.As we worked on these two websites, we also led a renewed effort to increase social media engagement. MyMobileLyfe assumed responsibility for posting each day to the GNFCC’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Once we started posting daily and engaging with local social media users, the GNFCC’s overall reach and following increased accordingly. These social networks are now an invaluable method of promoting the GNFCC’s many events for the North Fulton business community.

Through all of these efforts, MyMobileLyfe has helped the GNFCC develop deeper relationships with its members and many others in the North Fulton business community.

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