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MyMobileLyfe has shown its ability to create effective mobile marketing strategies for companies of all sizes, including a television news station in the nation’s biggest media market. PIX11, New York City’s CW affiliate, relied on MyMobileLyfe to execute topic-driven marketing efforts to raise the station’s profile in a competitive media landscape.

MyMobileLyfe authored health- and finance-related articles for the website of PIX11. These topics were significantly valuable to PIX11, and the content provided by MyMobileLyfe helped the station solidify its reputation as a reliable source of this kind of information.

When the New York/New Jersey region hosted the Super Bowl, MyMobileLyfe played a significant role in PIX11’s coverage leading up to the big game. We created a PIX11-branded infographic that provided useful information for fans watching the game from home and at the stadium. We also packaged short video clips for PIX11’s digital viewers and frequently posted to the station’s Facebook and Twitter accounts during the week before kickoff.

We also maintained a sponsored section of PIX11’s website for the New York City Marathon, which included content created by MyMobileLyfe.

MyMobileLyfe performed an assessment of PIX11’s mobile strategy, digital audience, and trends in mobile use and television viewing. The report drew correlations between the station’s broadcast viewers and its mobile web browsing audience, with the purpose of strengthening the PIX11 brand across all platforms. MyMobileLyfe provides this level of research for its clients that request assistance in crafting and executing a mobile marketing plan. These documents are intended to provide clients with all of the information they need to pursue their own mobile marketing efforts.

As part of a wider effort to integrate its television and digital audience, PIX11 asked MyMobileLyfe to assist in its social media efforts related to the New York Mets baseball games it broadcasts. MyMobileLyfe created and maintained a Mets-focused Twitter account for PIX11, and we provided inning-by-inning coverage for each of the station’s game broadcasts.