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    MyMobileLyfe was tasked with writing compelling advertising copy for Valentino de Salva, the maker of Lotus 39 a hair restoration product who needed to send an email newsletter to leads who previously subscribed to its list. The ad copy required research, edits for clarity, and compelling calls-to-action: all of these needed to be completed within 24 hours.

    MyMobileLyfe is a company founded by journalism and digital media professionals, and this experience was on full display for this project. The company is adept at delivering high-quality content while meeting hard deadlines, and it was able to deliver this ad copy on time and to the client’s satisfaction. The copy was written to demonstrate the expertise of the client to customers who want a hair loss solution, in the voice of that client. The newsletter went out on time, proving that MyMobileLyfe can be relied on for any project, no matter the size, no matter the deadline.

    After MyMobileLyfe demonstrated its ability to deliver quality results under a tight deadline, Valentino de Salva retained the company and tasked it with executing a multi-pronged, long-term mobile marketing strategy. Valentino de Salva’s goal was simple: introduce the world to its special product, and make as many sales as possible.

    The foundation of this strategy was a brand-new, fully-customized, mobile-friendly eCommerce website to replace the client’s existing site, which was built using a basic drag-and-drop tool. MyMobileLyfe delivered the site in a matter of weeks, using a customized WordPress installation paired with WooCommerce. With this framework in place, Valentino de Salva is now able to expand its eCommerce operation quickly and easily as it develops more innovative products.

    Once the new site was completed, MyMobileLyfe began publishing content geared toward potential customers who are seeking natural and effective solutions to fighting hair loss. This content is targeted to customers across the buyer’s spectrum: those learning about the causes of hair loss, the effects of existing treatments, the benefits of Lotus 39, and stories from satisfied Valentino de Salva customers.

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