Improve Your Ad Campaigns with AI

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For many, artificial intelligence and machine learning may seem like abstract and far-off concepts, but businesses of all sizes are already enjoying the benefits of AI, as a recent Harvard Business Review article shows.

HBR tells the story of a Harley-Davidson dealership in New York City that was experiencing lagging sales of its motorcycles. One day, the dealership owner had a chance encounter the CEO of an AI-powered marketing platform that runs self-optimizing digital advertisement. The dealership owner decided to try this platform for a weekend, and his motorcycle sales immediately took off.

From the HBR article:

“[The owner’s] dealership went from getting one qualified lead per day to 40. In the first month, 15% of those new leads were “lookalikes,” meaning that the people calling the dealership to set up a visit resembled previous high-value customers and therefore were more likely to make a purchase. By the third month, the dealership’s leads had increased 2930%, 50% of them lookalikes…”

Advertisers (especially business owners) simply don’t have enough time to constantly monitor their ad campaigns and make changes to improve their performance, but AI platforms like the one mentioned in the article above are able to shift ad spend to the keywords, placements, and audience segments that are most likely to achieve their business goals. This helps budget-conscious advertisers generate better leads and more sales with much greater efficiency.

One North Fulton marketing firm that has embraced the possibilities of AI in digital promotion is MyMobileLyfe. This company offers its clients an array of self-optimizing advertising solutions that enable them to reach high-quality leads across several search and display ad networks. Though AI-powered ad campaigns refine themselves over time as they acquire performance data, some MyMobileLyfe customers have generated revenue within just a few weeks, according to company co-founder Michael Grillo.

“Self-learning ad campaigns almost sound like science-fiction, but the results we’re seeing are very real,” Grillo said. “As a marketer, AI is a dream come true, because we can run more campaigns, run them better, and make more money for our clients.”

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