Best Photo Apps For Droid Users

Want to learn how to capture video and still pictures at the same time, how to create 360 degree panoramics or what’s the best app to edit pictures on your phone? Check out these tips.

Photo burst takes a multitude of photos of the same scene and picks the best shot for your approval. With all this technology, there’s almost no excuse for taking a bad photo!

But, if you do take a picture that you want to edit, or if you like editing your pictures in general, Aviary is a great app that can adjust color, brightness, saturation. you can crop, rotate, enhance get rid of red-eye and remove blemishes. If you fancy goofing up your pictures there are stickers and effects available and even more to download. I primarily use it to crop, and sometimes adjust brightness but it is really the best app I have found for overall editing of my photos.


The Roidizer app gives the classic Polaroid feel to your photos and lets you add text

If you like the nostalgic effects of Instagram, there is a cute app called Roidizer. The “Roid” is from Polaroid. Its another app to add fun to your photos. It gives the picture the classic Polaroid border and you can add text to the bottom.

Another great photo app that has quite a few cool features is called Camera Zoom FX. This can be used as an interface, which means instead of opening your normal camera button you’d use this app instead. It has all the options your camera has and then some. One of the things I like best, as simple as this may seem, you can touch anywhere on the screen to take a picture.

Lapse It is the ultimate time lapse app. You have a multitude of settings to create a cool time lapse video. The only thing you need to consider as you don’t exactly have a tripod mount is how to prop the device up.

Use the camera on your phone and do what I do, experiment! You can find some really cool effects while you are snapping away.