Welcome to MyMobileLyfe

Welcome fellow mobile addicts.

If you love your phone and the thought of losing it makes you anxious, you’ve found the right place. Here at MML, we know that we’re living in a mobile world and we want to talk about it with you.

We want to tell you some interesting things we’ve learned about mobile and how it’s changing not only your everyday life, but how it’s impacting businesses and changing our behavior, the way we interact and the way we think.

This may look like our first post, but it’s certainly not the beginning of MML. We’ve been tweeting and discovered a lot of people are talking about mobile. We’ve been to SXSW and met some great innovators who are interested in mobile and its massive impact on our lives. We’ve looked over compelling data about smartphone users and learned a ton of random things you can do with your phone (did you know the volume button acts as a shutter button on the iPhone when taking a picture, like an old fashioned camera?) and we’ve faced some challenges-most recently when our website crashed and deleted a lot of old content (sorry for all the broken links that are now on our Facebook page-we’ve since gotten a better backup system).

So if you’re interested in the effect mobile has had on our lives and if you love good stories, great digital content and tips you can actually use to be more productive, stay with MyMobileLyfe. We’ve got some great stuff in store for you.