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Mobile has changed the way we communicate, search, connect, do business and more. Mobile has revolutionized our lives and changed how we search for and consume information, even impacting the giant Google. Check out this “Google Now” excerpt by Time. 

What makes a mobile-friendly city? We have a few ideas: the prevalence of smartphone and tablet ownership, an abundance of public wireless networks, and fast download speeds, to name a few.

MyMobileLyfe is thrilled to announce the inaugural edition of Mobile Cities, a ranking of ten U.S. cities that help their residents and visitors embrace the mobile “lyfestyle.”

Look out below! Due to a pending change in Google’s search engine algorithms, effective April 21st, your website’s search engine referral traffic may start falling if your site is not mobile friendly.

You know when the media starts scandalizing words and adding “-gate” (Watergate) or “-geddon” (Armageddon) to something it’s a clue an over-hyped story is usually not too far behind!

Does your brand still have an outdated website that requires users to pinch and zoom in order to view your content? Today, this is merely a nuisance for your digital audience, but in several weeks, this will be a much bigger problem for your business.