A Free Tool for Publishers: Preview Pages on Different Screen Sizes

At MyMobileLyfe, we believe that your digital content should be easy to consume by all viewers, no matter what screen they are using.

Getting people to engage with your marketing message is a challenge in itself: viewers will accept or reject your message in a matter of a few seconds. But forcing those people to “pinch and zoom” on their smartphones to read your content, or making them spend several more seconds to download your desktop-optimized pages, increases the likelihood that they will abandon your website.

In other words, if you give mobile consumers a terrible user experience, you probably won’t earn their business.

Fortunately, MyMobileLyfe is here to help. We have developed a tool that will let you see what your existing web pages look like on a variety of screen sizes.

Simply enter a web address (URL) into the text field and click “Go!” You will then see how your web page appears on a smartphone, a tablet, a wearable device (e.g.: a watch), and a traditional desktop monitor.

This is only the beginning: as new mobile devices enter the marketplace, we will show you what your content will look like on those screens as well. In the near future, we will add screen sizes for specific devices, to provide publishers with a comprehensive look at how their viewers are consuming their content.

So we invite you to check out our free tool and share your feedback with us. Leave a comment on this post, or email me with any questions or suggestions.

Go here to test your website content on multiple screen sizes!