3 Tips for Starting a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you checked your mobile device?

If you are like most people it was probably just a few minutes ago.

In fact, in a 16 hour day period, the average person checks his or her phone 150 times.


If you’re a savvy digital content marketer, you already know that you need to be tapping into this consumer’s constant mobile engagement with a strategic mobile content marketing strategy.

Below are 3 tips to help you get started.

1. Understand Mobile Behaviors

An increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices as their primary way to access the Internet. With smaller screens your content has to be optimized to be easily consumed.

Your reader has an ever-shortening attention span – you need to grab their attention quickly. Mobile users spend an average of 5 seconds on any particular website and they are constantly jumping from site to site.

Get them to click on your content and stay on your site by creating a valuable and interesting mobile experience.

2. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

When designing your website, mobile should be the first, second and third thing on your mind. Five inch screens are the average for smartphones, 7 inch for tablets . Is your website optimized for theses different screens? It better be.

In fact, on April 21st, Google will update its search algorithm to consider mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in Google search results. As soon as your site is mobile friendly, it will start to benefit from the new mobile-friendly algorithm.  Until then, you’re at a disadvantage.  

3. Think Like a User

Consumers on mobile devices are navigating with their fingers. Keep this in mind as you develop your content marketing strategy. Make call to action (CTA) buttons big enough to be pressed easily. Hyperlinks should be between 5-7 words long so they are easily clickable.

Nothing aggravates mobile users more than trying to interact with content and failing because the links are too small. Keep content spread out and make use of white space to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for your reader.

Are you ready to expand your customer base and begin reaching new consumers?


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