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Your biggest competitor has a blog…you want a place on your website to showcase your achievements…you want to create fun content for people to share on Facebook and Twitter… You may have several reasons to create a blog for your business, but you don’t quite know how to get started.

Time spent by users on mobile devices is at an all-time high, and one of the biggest drivers of this is the mobile app, a new study reveals.

You’ve spent time writing a well-researched, compelling and readable work of content that will educate the consumer about your brand message. It’s sharp, conversational and ready to be published.

Now what?

Great stories make great content. The more memorable the stories are about your company or brand, the more likely they are readily shared by an audience you are looking to connect and engage with.

contentmktg6Creating content for your business’ website can be time consuming. Studies show that among the challenges facing content marketing pros is consistently coming up to unique, engaging content for the target audience.

So it’s not going to hurt business if day or two goes by between posts. Right? You don’t mind losing a potential customer today by not publishing content if you can get two tomorrow, right?

Infrequent posting is not the most successful of tactics when it comes to content marketing strategy, but it can work if the content is worth reading. Shareaholic’s Danny Wong says writers can overcome the infrequency issue by ensuring every piece of content they publish is consumed by the audience in its entirety.

In an article that appears in, Wong goes on to say:

“The idea here is: you should write only when you have something original to say that’s worth your readers’ time, because only then will it have been worth your time to author and publish it.”

Most consumers may not even notice that a day or two goes by between website posts. But there are drawbacks to this, like making content publishing less of a priority down the road.

Grammar Chic, Inc. president and editor in chief Amanda Clark offers this tip in a recent article:

“My advice is this: Work ahead. Try to find a few hours during the week where all you do is find interesting info to post, write content, and prepare for the week ahead. This gets you in the right mindset and allows you to get second opinions, edit, and not stress as much about writing content at the beginning of every work day.”

Consistency is key when it comes to creating and publishing great content, and doing it frequently goes far in ensuring customer loyalty. Still, missing a day or two isn’t fatal to your content marketing efforts, as long as it doesn’t become a part of the process.


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contentmktg6In creating written content, it’s best to focus on the basics. Shares and “Likes” aside, the consumer has to have a reason to be interested enough in the written article, blog or how-to guide to digest it, share it and engage with the company that’s producing it.

Those creating content and writing blogs should keep in mind the 5 Ws and H. These are questions whose answers are considered basic in information-gathering. To apply this, or not, can be the difference between creating and distributing informative content and making a sales pitch that can be easily pushed aside and forgotten.

As a content creator, ask these questions:

Who is presenting the content? That’s the company producing and distributing the content about the product or service.

What is it about? Is it information about a new product? A solution to a problem that consumers routinely face?  A point of view about a trend affecting the business?

Why is this being presented? You’re an expert, an authority. You have information the consumer wants and could share with others.

When will this impact the consumer? Right now? A few months from now? In the near future?

Where and How do I find out more? Send them to the website link for more information.

Creating content can be detailed, even complicated. But often the most effective approach is the basic approach.


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The popularity of inforgraphics as an effective tool for marketing and customer engagement continues to be high.

A single infographic has the potential to reach as many as 15 million online users, according to Top Marketing Schools. Business topics amounted for nearly 13 percent of all infographics produced, according to data provided by

The visual appeal of the infographic as content makes it highly shareable by users through social media, and searchable by people looking specifically for images on a topic. When creating an infographic, make sure it has an embed code so others can add it to their sites.

More about the impact of infographics below, courtesy of Top Marketing Schools.

State of Infographics
Source: State of Infographics

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Video is an important component of any company’s content marketing strategy. But not everyone is a natural in front of the camera.

A little coaching and preparation helps in getting a subject ready for their camera time to deliver your business’ brand message.

In this segment, Kuno Creative’s content marketing specialist Lisa Gulasy offers some advice on preparing your video content by making the subject comfortable before the camera. At just over two minutes (with outtakes), it’s worth a look.

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Content writers who produce blogs and other brand content may be missing out on their audience by posting while consumers are working.

Blog writers are most likely to post their content during weekdays, mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, according to a study conducted in April by TrackMaven.

But while only 13 percent of blog content is published on Saturdays and Sundays, the content amounted for nearly a third — 32.6 percent — of total weekly shares on social media.

According to TrackMaven, at least 2 million blog posts are published daily, representing a significant component of content marketing. Blog posts help point out engagement with a company’s target audience that would in turn share its brand content.

In other words, companies can get more out of their blog content by making it available when readers have more time to read and share — on the weekends.



























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