5 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies for any business. Your email list is one of the most valuable business assets you have. But too many business owners and marketers abuse their lists and don’t use it in the most effective way.

Don’t misuse your email list: create an effective email marketing plan, and generate sales with these email marketing tips.

1. Ask For Email Addresses In Exchange For Access

Without an email address you have no list to market to. You can request a visitor give you their email address in exchange to access a certain part of your website that has premium content on it, or in exchange for downloading valuable content.

2. Write Killer Subject Lines

The subject line of your email should be treated as a headline. It should grab your reader’s attention and convince them to open your email. The subject line can be the first barrier to getting people to access your content. Because of this, you should be split testing your subject lines. This is called an A/B/ test and can maximize your results. By taking the time to find the right subject lines and utilizing them – or a variation of them – your open rates will increase significantly.

3. Personalize

People like the sound of their own name. They like reading it, too. By adding your customer’s name to the subject line and the body of the email you can increase open rates and increase the click through rate of the content.

4. Use An Email Sequence

When a customer signs up for your email list, send out a welcome email right away. Studies show that this email is likely to be opened more than any other email you will send out. A well thought out welcoming email sequence can not only boost open rates, but can also increase your revenue.

5. Use Strong Call To Actions

Every email that you send out should have a call to action (CTA) that asks for a specific action you want your reader to take. It could be to make a purchase, download a piece of content or read a blog post.

Follow these five email marketing best practices to increase engagement with your brand, generate leads and increase sales!