Mobile Shopping Surges on Black Friday

Black Friday shopping has shifted – to mobile. Here at MyMobileLyfe, we’re not surprised to see this trend toward mobile. In fact, this shift is why we started MyMobileLyfe, and have always focused on today’s mobile consumer. Today on Cyber Monday, we expect to see this trend toward mobile purchases continue.

Check out this great article by CNN Money about mobile shopping on Black Friday, which states that “shoppers filled their virtual shopping carts on their smartphones and tablets more than laptop and desktop computers.”

According to the article, “IBM said smartphones were the device-of-choice for browsing deals and accounted for nearly 45% of total traffic. But on average, tablet shoppers spent more. Tablet orders averaged $136, more than desktop, laptop or smartphone orders.”

Were you able to tap into this shift to mobile?

Did your business leverage this shift to mobile, or did you miss out? If you’re not focused on mobile, you’re missing out on sales! Contact MyMobileLyfe and start reaching today’s mobile consumer.

Read the full CNN Money article here.