Why Mobile Has Caused Google to Start From Scratch

Mobile has changed the way we communicate, search, connect, do business and more. Mobile has revolutionized our lives and changed how we search for and consume information, even impacting the giant Google. Check out this “Google Now” excerpt by Time. 

‘With more and more of our time online being spent far away from desktop computers, the website’s days as the central focus of its parent company have come to an end. Google wrote the first line of the website’s elegy in a May blog post announcing that mobile searches had surpassed desktop searches in at least ten countries, including the company’s biggest market, the United States. In the post, Google called the shift a “tremendous opportunity.”

In person, Amit Singhal, Google’s senior vice president in charge of all search-related products, acknowledges that the shift also brings unprecedented challenges for the company.

“Mobile has actually made us very vulnerable in that sense because the future is nowhere close to what we earned on desktop over ten, 12 years of hard work,” he says, sitting in the company’s Mountain View, Calif. headquarters.

“We are having to start from scratch again.”’

Excerpt from Time’s piece “Google Now.” Read full version here.