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The FrUve team’s mission not only includes introducing its line of fruit- and vegetable-infused drinks to the nation: it also involves educating the public on the dangers of excess sugar consumption. As a new company, FrUve requested MyMobileLyfe’s help in getting the word out about its products and message.

FrUve’s contents and promotions were created with the goal of building its email subscriber list. These initiatives ranged from a simple download form for a $0.50 coupon to March Madness-related contests in which users submitted their tournament brackets for the chance to win free FrUve.

First, we sought to increase FrUve’s exposure on Facebook. In a matter of weeks, our combination of paid and organic posts grew the brand’s following from 0 to nearly 5,000. These posts include news about sugar consumption and its effects on health, callouts that encourage FrUve drinkers to share their own photos, and links to contests and promotions from the company.

In addition to the efforts above (and managing FrUve’s blog), MyMobileLyfe constructed a simple WordPress website for FrUve’s parent company, Bonappa Beverages. This site was made to host information about the company, its board of directors, and important legal information regarding its promotions.

Through MyMobileLyfe’s multifaceted marketing efforts, FrUve is in a better position to compete with larger beverage manufacturers as it expands across the United States.

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