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Global Social Media News was created in 2014, and its mission is to harness the power of social media in constructive ways to inform its readers in real time. Its news service helps other organizations provide this information to their own audiences, creating opportunities for revenue and business growth. MyMobileLyfe has partnered with GSMN from its inception, fueling its growth with a topic-driven content marketing strategy.

To begin, MyMobileLyfe created GSMN’s website using a fully-customized WordPress installation. This enabled GSMN to achieve maximum functionality, security, and style while keeping costs to a minimum. The website features blogs for its content verticals (healthcare, African American news, personal finance, etc.), social media feeds, analytics tracking, email list subscription forms, a job board, and an events calendar.

The calendar served as a one-stop resource for users seeking information about events hosted by HCBUs across the nation; users were also able to submit their own events; and advertising positions were built in to create more revenue opportunities for GSMN.

MyMobileLyfe also designed GSMN’s Media Kit document, which provides GSMN’s potential clients with information about its news service and business growth opportunities. While MyMobileLyfe is mainly known for its digital marketing services, we have considerable experience in creating marketing materials such as this Media Kit.

In addition to the aforementioned services, MyMobileLyfe showed off its reporting abilities by providing live event coverage for GSMN. In the summer of 2015, we sent a team to New Orleans to cover the 2015 ESSENCE Festival: for three days, we covered numerous events and spoke to exhibitors and speakers. While this was one of the few live events our clients have asked us to cover, it is a great example of the level of service we offer. When presented with unique challenges, MyMobileLyfe never backs down: we will always find a way to bring our clients’ ideas to fruition.

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