CRM Tools, Explained

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables your business to manage customer relation information and data. With a CRM application, you can store contact and customer information, leads, sales opportunities, and accounts all in one central location, preferably the cloud. Built around people and relationships, it is an invaluable business tool.

Why CRM?

CRM software helps you organize, coordinate, and track your relationships saving you time and money. Business is founded on great customer relationships. As your business grows, a CRM can manage complex lists of correspondences with each company you do business with. A CRM can also need share information among teams within your own business who contact the same customers to ensure consistency and efficiency in all correspondences coming from your business.

What It Can Do for Your Business

Your teammates and your customers will both appreciate the time saved and improved workflow with a CRM tool. How often have you been so busy that you reached the end of the day and wondered who you forgot to make an important call or send a critical email? A CRM reliably resolves some risks of human error.

  • Less Time in Meetings: It is no longer necessary for everyone to sit down at the same time and review who was contacted and what was said. Having a central location where every contact is recorded allows you and your employees to log in for a quick review whenever time permits.
  • No More Double Work: After emailing a lead or contact back, you don’t have to separately email the rest of the team or forward messages to everyone. Instead, you can bcc the CRM and it will automatically attach the communication to the right people.
  • Be More Organized: A good CRM will take stacks of responsibilities, tasks, and information and streamline it into an easy-to-understand workflow. You can even build in workflows so that everyone can see what’s next on every contact or lead.

As your company grows, the CRM system can expand to include more features. You can send customized emails, gather insight from social media, collaborate with customers and colleagues, and see the state of your business health in real time. If you are looking for fast growth, CRM software will definitely help you get there.