The Future of Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic video advertising, and programmatic in general, is taking off. 54% of worldwide mobile advertising will include programmatic elements by 2018. Why? Here are five reasons why the future of programmatic is bright.

  1. Digital marketing influx: With versatile mobile communication, businesses best reach customers through digital forms. Advertising via newspapers, flyers, and snail mail fails to meet marketing requirements in this technological age of internet and mobility. This secures programmatic video advertising’s future opportunities.
  2. Customer-oriented: Programmatic videos use software to purchase digital advertising. This incorporates real-time data to present video ads to applicable customers at the right moment. Programmatic video advertising will pinpoint customers best fitting for business services and products.
  3. Cost reductions: Programmatic video advertising selects customers, reaches them, and sells your business effectively. This eliminates the need to hire experts like sales executives and advertisers. Programmatic advertising will decrease business expenses.
  4. Fraud avoidance: The advertisement industry still deals with issues of ad fraud. Programmatic video advertising will reduce this problem and offer dynamic advertising to viewers. Its suspicious activity rate is significantly lower than typical fraud rates.
  5. Profit growth: Programmatic video advertising is the pinpoint of developments in consolidation, access, yield improvement, and integration. It creates benefits for non-irritating consumer ads, lower costs, and customer involvement support.

As companies try to get greater value from their advertising efforts, the use of programmatic video ads will continue to rise. We expect that innovative companies (like our own) will find more efficient and effective ways to reach specific audience segments, further fueling the rise of programmatic video. Talk to us today if you want to learn how MyMobileLyfe can help you with your programmatic advertising efforts.