Android nudges past Apple’s iOS in mobile ad traffic

Advertising traffic on mobile devices operating on Google’s Android platform has surpassed that on iOS for the first time.

android_artA new quarterly report from San Mateo, Calif.-based Opera Mediaworks on the state of mobile advertising puts Android as the overall smart device platform, with 42.8 percent of all traffic, compared to iOS’ 38.2 percent of traffic.

The report could be a factor for content marketing pros in their decisions on which device platform is best suited for their company’s efforts to reach the most customers.

Apple’s iOS remains the revenue leader, accounting for 52 percent of total ad traffic revenue. But Android is catching up, accounting for just over 33 percent of total revenue, up from 26.72 percent last year.

As Android-operating phones continue to improve, advertisers shifted from an almost exclusive preference for the iPhone market toward the much larger number of consumers who use mobile devices with Google’s operating system.

The result, according to Opera, is a substantial growth in ad traffic not only on Android devices, but tablets running on the system as well.


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