Avoid Touching The Germ-Filled Remote With This App

Did you know the most bacteria-laden item in a hotel room is the remote control? Gross.

StayConnectIf you want to avoid the germs, see if your TV works with the app STAYConnect.

I discovered this app during a recent hotel stay. The remote looked pretty gross, so I was even more inclined to scan the QR code advertised on the LG TV to download the app and control my TV with my phone. Once I downloaded the app, I used the code displayed on the TV and it loaded all the channels in the app.

For the rest of the night I was able to use my phone to change the channel, adjust the volume and turn the TV on and off.

There’s an in-app purchase option for $0.99 to get the TV Guide-I wasn’t interested in buying it, but I definitely wished the information was available because the app only lists the channels, not the programs. But it was good to see the app anticipated this and offered it as an option. For someone who travels a lot, it’s probably worth it.

Get the StayConnect app here: http://bit.ly/19YwykY