Mobile Changed Banking

mobilebankingLong gone are the days when you would have to drive over to the bank, park, go inside and wait in line for the teller just to make a deposit. Today, the majority of your banking can be done through your smartphone or tablet.

Banking has never been easier- or more convenient.

Major banks recognized the importance of mobile banking and the high demand from their customers, and so they entered the app business. Now, most banks have apps that customers can use to transfer money, check their balance and even take a picture of a check to make a deposit.

Although you can’t withdrawal cash and have it spit out the bottom of your iPad (unfortunately!), mobile banking has had a huge impact on our lifestyle. It’s less likely you’ll be late on a payment-even if you forget to mail a check, chances are you can make a payment right from your phone.

Mobile banking also has a huge impact on the life of those with mobility or health issues. With mobile technology such as banking apps, people can maintain their autonomy.

How do you use mobile technology for banking?