What Extent Will You Go To Charge Your Device?

If you’re a regular mobile device user then you’re familiar with that sinking feeling when you look down at your phone and see it’s at 20 percent and dwindling. As our use of mobile devices continues to rise, this problem will only get worse.

So, here are some tips to stay charged and connected:



1. Buy an extended battery case.

The Mophie Pack is a great case for the iPhone. It’s a little heavy, but it’ll get you through a full day of using your phone.

2. Find a charging station.

There are a lot of charging stations in public places, like Bright Box and the Charge All universal mobile phone charging stations. These options, when available, can be a great way for panicky smartphone users to top off their battery while having a coffee or a drink at the same time.

3. Use the USB connectivity in your car.

Many new cars have this built right into the dashboard, and you can usually play your music through the car too. Just remember to plug your phone in when you go for a drive to avoid getting to your location with a drained battery.

Power Bag

Power Bag


4. Buy a complete mobile battery charging station.

One product we like for the mobile user who needs a lot of power while on the go is the Power Bag. This is a charging station in a backpack that can charge multiple devices at once through the use of an onboard battery. You can even charge different device brands, such as an Android phone, your iPad and your iPhone all at once. Just make sure the backpack battery is charged!


5. Go green.

There are a number of solar powered charging gadgets for mobile phones like the EnerPlex from Ascent Solar Technologies. The EnerPlex has a solar panel built into a protective case for the phone which, according to the company’s claims, will greatly increase the phone’s battery life.