Should Parents Use Mobile Devices To Entertain Kids?

If you’re a parent to young children, you can likely relate to how difficult it can be to keep the little tots entertained when you’re out and about. Think screaming temper-tantrums in the grocery store-yikes.

The introduction of smartphones and tablets into society has significantly changed the way many parents keep their children occupied. And it’s not just teenagers watching a movie on a tablet, but children as young as infants are the target of many products and mobile applications.

apptivity monkey

Apptivity Monkey

A great example is the Apptivity Monkey from Fisher-Price toys. This is a plush monkey that plays different songs and speech patterns when the child squeezes the hands or feet.

The Apptivity Monkey can house a smartphone safely in its belly which the child can interact with, and there are Fisher-Price apps designed and built specifically for this toy that are fully interactive and react to the squeezing of the toy’s hands and feet.

Another way parents can use mobile technology to keep kids occupied is  streaming services for movies and videos like Netflix Just For Kids and Toys R Us Movies, which can be used on mobile tablet devices. These services have content which is directly marketed for children.

Using mobile technology to play with your children can be a great way for them to learn, have fun and be entertained.

How do you use mobile technology with your kids?