Focus on the user experience

Is your content an experience?

Or rather, does the brand marketing content produced and published online add to and enhance the user experience? If the answer is yes, then the brand becomes a means of discussion and engagement with potential future customers.

contentmktg_artIf the answer is no, well, that means it’s just a substandard experience. A user clicks an article on a smartphone, only to land on a non-mobile optimized block of text that is practically unreadable. The user, one with a short attention span, decides it’s not worth it to pan and zoom around the page, and drops it – and with it, any chance of becoming a new customer or business lead

Marketers need to engage, delight and enrich their audience within the content experience. This is about taking the user on an immersive journey that keeps them coming back.

There are a handful of engagement tactics to see if you’re spending enough time on ensuring that the content is worth the user experience:

  • Can visitors easily find what they’re looking for, or are the content resources buried in navigation?
  • Is the content created for a specific audience or topics, with contextual call to actions?
  • Does the interface suit users on all types of devices, from smartphones to tablets to PCs?

Say yes to these, and you have the makings of a solid user experience.


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