Our Best Practices for Email Marketing Automation

Looking to take your email marketing automation strategy to the next level? Check out our tips here, and share yours in the comments below…

Link to Quantify

Quantification begins with leads, but that is the widest point in your funnel. When you link orders to the individual leads that got them to that point, you begin to understand more about your customer. This will tell you more about what copy got them interested and how they came to trust you enough to do business with you. This guides the process of refining your marketing from the inside, and pruning away methods that are not providing the ROI you need.

Work Backwards From the Client Persona

Your client persona, or the most detailed model you can draw of each client you wish to attract, is where everything you send out needs to come from. If you are considering sending something, ask yourself if this is going to benefit the specific type of person you want to reach. If not, scrap this potential approach and start from the beginning.

Once you have your client persona, your job as a marketer becomes analysis and segmentation. Your list may be segmented into a dozen or more groups, with each receiving different content. If what you are considering sending does not directly benefit the segment you are considering sending it to, hold off and start again. Analyze what your list really wants, and only send them that.

Vet With Family and Friends

Vetting your process goes without saying. However, debugging is not limited to simply ensuring that your process works. Enlist the help of your family and friends to tell you what parts are annoying, what parts may not work for people and which parts of your marketing come off as disingenuous. Ask them for brutal honesty, and you will learn a lot about how your marketing, no matter how automated, affects real people.

Map Your Lead Flow

What do you do when you receive a lead? Without a flow chart of your process, automation will not be consistent. The technical process must always come out of a system designed to process leads in an orderly manner.

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