Five Stats That Explain Why You Need a Marketing Automation Solution

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that your business needs, simply because this is how business is done in the modern world. Further, business continues to become more automated at every turn. In order to stay competitive, as many of your marketing processes as possible should be automated.

Widening the Funnel

Your marketing funnel is among your most powerful ways to grow potential customers from not knowing about your business through their first purchase, and eventually into being lifelong clients. Expanding your number of leads, the basis of every conversion, may be the greatest potential advantage that any marketing method can provide. According to findings by the Annuitas Group as far back as 2012, companies using marketing automation generated 4.5 times as many leads as those using more traditional, less automated methods.

Relationship Management

Relationships are how people choose to make purchasing decisions, with potential decisions being heavily influenced by what friends and family have recommended. According to Gartner, it is projected that by 2020 the average person will handle 85 percent of their relationships without actually talking to a human being. These relationships are both between individuals and between your potential clients and your company. Without automation, you may find yourself chasing potential relationships with people who are uncomfortable dealing with an actual person.

Early Adoption

Vision and decisive action are generally excellent predictive factors for success in any endeavor. Early adoption of a quality technology can provide as much of an advantage as starting your business before all of your competitors, if not an even greater advantage. According to a 2013 Gleanster study, 79 percent of the higher performing companies began using marketing automation in 2011 or before.

Fair Pricing

Pricing models for implementing a new strategy are important, with your ROI coming as a direct result of receiving a fair value for the investment you make. According to Venture Beat‘s 2015 study of large marketing automation users, 57 percent of those who have been using this type of software rated it either fairly priced or a good value.

Direct ROI

ROI is driven not only by price, but by the results it garners your company. As far back as 2012, Nucleus Research had already found that marketing automation reduced overhead by more than 12 percent, and powered greater than 14 percent increases in marketing productivity.

Automating your marketing processes is a change that yields powerful results. MyMobileLyfe provides the marketing automation solutions your business needs to make meaningful connections with your customers: click here to get started today!