Connecting with Today’s Mobile Consumer

Mobile content marketing plays a vital role in the purchasing behavior of today’s mobile consumer.

With a growing number of mobile users researching and purchasing via smartphones and tablets, companies need to seize the opportunity to connect with consumers (and attract new consumers!) by developing a strategic mobile strategy.

For example, today’s consumer is researching Cyber Monday deals on a variety of channels, and will using this information to make buying decisions.

In fact, in 2013 Cyber Monday mobile spending was up 55% from mobile spending in 2012, with iOS devices making up the majority of these mobile purchases. Mobile spending is expected to increase today, with social media playing a strong role in the conversion from shopping to purchasing.

The Importance of Fresh Content

In addition to knowing your audience well, it is also important to update your content frequently and to engage with your consumers on the channels they’re already using. Paying close attention to events and holidays that relate to your industry can also help to give you a boost in traffic.

The key to successful content marketing is being in the right place at the right time. Catering your content marketing to a specific audience and keeping it fresh while being on topic is what leads to high volumes of traffic, and in turn, more sales.

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