Content marketing: So, what do I do?

Something that is frustrating for us as professional storytellers is when we attend a content marketing conference and panelists throw out  buzz words and phrases, like “good writing is my company’s secret sauce,” and “all the metrics you’ve ever used are now irrelevant,”and then the session is over, leaving attendees feeling confused.

Bad writing isn’t my problem. I have a department full of amazing writers and our numbers are still down.

If page views, visitors and all the metrics I’m using are wrong and irrelevant, what do I show my boss in the next monthly report?

Are campaigns acquiring Facebook Likes a horrible waste of my time and money?

What is scroll velocity again?

So, what do I do?


So, what do I do?

This question seems to be the biggest takeaway from content marketing conferences.

It takes a combination of great stories, social media sharing and some real reflection on your company’s goals to build a successful campaign.

But we know that answer isn’t enough.

Here at MyMobileLyfe, we connect brands to consumers who use mobile devices through customized research and great storytelling.

And here’s how.

First, we conduct industry-specific research and delve into the data we collect about your customer’s interests and behaviors. We’ll identify the type of content they’re interested in, how they want to consume content from your brand, and even determine why it is relevant to them.

This helps build for you a content marketing plan that connects with your customers who regularly turn to their smartphones and tablets for their information and, more importantly, acquires new ones.

Then we create the mobile content for you, or we build a road map for your in-house team to follow.

We believe that this approach to storytelling produces the best results. If you would like to learn more about MyMobileLyfe’s approach to content marketing and what we can do for your company, contact us today.