MyMobileLyfe survey: Where people on the move go

Mobile content is for people who are on move. They have a means to find the best deals, the most affordable products, and the most convenient way to make their purchases. And they are willing to use this technology for this.

MyMobileLyfe knows this because it asked 99 U.S. adults 18 and up who own smartphones where they are most likely to consume content. MyMobileLyfe found in its results that smartphone users will sort through search engine results to find the most convenient and affordable products.

Of those smartphone owners responding to MyMobileLyfe survey, more than half said they are most likely to consume content on their devices when they are away from home and work. The survey finds that over a third said they are most likely to consume smartphone content at home, and 11 percent said they are most likely to view content on their devices at work.

Smartphone owners who are on the move are often looking to purchase products or services in their vicinity, usually by sorting through search engine results for the best deals. If your brand appears among those results, your chances of making a sale will increase.

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