MyMobileLyfe survey: Where people prefer to get content

The Web traditionally has been the primary source of content, but that now varies, particularly when it comes to mobile devices. People are just as likely to access their content from a source other than the Web.

MyMobileLyfe asked 100 U.S. adults 18 and up how likely are they to consume content from various media sources when using their smartphone. What the survey reveals shows that, with smartphones, the medium it is delivered in is as important as the message.

The survey finds that 88 percent of smartphone owners were very likely, or somewhat likely, to consume content that appears on a website. The numbers are similar for those likely to access content via email, or through apps.

The majority of those surveyed said they would at least somewhat likely to access content on social media, or in text alerts, but about a quarter of those surveyed for each indicated they were not likely at all to.

Even as millions of users gather on social media, brands cannot underestimate the importance of a robust website or a timely email campaign when creating a content plan to reach customers.

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