MyMobileLyfe survey: The choice of text over images

The first exposure that a smartphone user has to your brand content can be difference between whether they click on to learn more, and whether they move on to something else. It is all about which has the most immediate impact with the user.

MyMobileLyfe wanted to know what has the most impact with smartphone owners who use their devices. We asked 100 U.S. adults 18 and up what influences them the most when selecting content for consumption on their smartphone. What the survey shows is that compelling text holds the most influence over smartphone owners when they decide which piece of content to consume.

The survey reveals that 68 percent of smartphone owners said link text, headlines or descriptions influence them the most when selecting content for consumption. Fewer than a third said images have the biggest impact.

Visuals are useful in getting user’s attention, but a tightly written but informative headline or descriptive intro will do more to convince users to choose your content.

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