Understanding Facebook’s Algorithm Changes and How They Affect the Reach of Your Content

Facebook pages have replaced many companies’ homepages, and entire marketing strategies have been built around the platform. Its free, easy to update, brings information straight to followers’ feeds, is easily shareable, and develops a brand identity. But what once was so easy is increasingly complicated by Facebook’s algorithms.

Facebook’s latest changes support Zuckerberg’s vision: “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

With the growing use and changing environment of social media, businesses must consider paid versus organic content, Influencers versus mass target audiences, and competition with non-marketing attention-grabbing updates from news to social justice issues. But these decisions need to be made taking into consideration Facebook’s algorithms.

Here are some considerations for marketers:

Do not try to fight the system

Keep your ads honest and straightforward. As Facebook creates a more authentic and intimate environment, pop up ads and clickbait will feel like an annoying intruder in an intimate conversation. Make your ads more interpersonal and use Facebook groups and influencers to connect with those who are interested or looking for a product like yours. In the new environment, users are less likely using Facebook to search for products and services. Ads that are not mindful of and targeting to specific audiences won’t be seen by very many and click bait to bring someone unwillingly to your site will only make him or her annoyed with your company.


Consider Influencer marketing as you try to build stronger relationships with Facebook users. Facebook will show users more content from people and less content from businesses and media. Focus on what your target audience is like and who they would recognize, trust, or idolize. Look at what different Influencers tend to appreciate and areas they set the standards for. A good Influencer will boast about your product in a personal way.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups present another way to bring together Pages and engage a community in interpersonal conversations that also promote your product. For example, the kitchen appliance Instant Pot has 1.2 million members who ask questions and share recipes on its page. Users can see what groups their friends belong to and are organically drawn to explore the product.

Facebook keeps up with its user trends and is constantly updating to make improvements, which is partly why it has stayed popular for so long. Infamously, the algorithm has made bold changes in recent years. Savvy marketing Page owners should stay on top of these changes and continue to evaluate their overall marketing strategies and goals.