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Does your company struggle to retain employees, leading to constant hiring cycles? If so, your operation is losing out on valuable skills and tribal knowledge – and it’s also costing you money! According to Gallup studies, replacing a lost employee can cost anywhere between 50% to 200% of that employee’s salary. Proactive employee retention policies are almost always cheaper than rehiring.

MyMobileLyfe specializes in recruitment marketing services that enable long-lasting employee relationships. We know how to find – and keep – the best workers!

Offer more internal advancement opportunities. 

63% of workers leave their job because they feel they cannot advance their careers, and look to other businesses to move up the career ladder. In particular, refusing to promote an employee who’s “too good” at their current job is likely to drive them away.

Boost managers’ empathy and listening skills. 

“Bad bosses” are a perennial issue leading to resignations. This can typically be fixed simply by encouraging managers to help workers feel listened-to and valued in the workplace.

Offer flexible hours and/or WFH. 

According to Forbes, 98% of office workers would prefer to work from home at least partially – and 57% would consider quitting if WFH isn’t an option. Modern telecommunications make WFH a workable option for most sit-down office jobs.

Encourage feedback with clear communication channels. 

In our experience, employees want to help improve their workplace, but often lack clear channels for offering constructive feedback and “on the ground” suggestions for improvement. Let your employees contribute, and everybody wins.

Shut down office toxicity. 

Today’s workers have very little tolerance for toxicity in the workplace, with over 50% citing poor office culture as a reason for quitting. Take harassment complaints seriously, and make it clear your workers should feel safe at work.

Have clear and fairly-enforced rules. 

Few issues will tank internal morale faster than unclear or unevenly enforced rules. If workers get the feeling there’s a “two tier” enforcement system, those on the lower tier will look for other employers who will give them fair treatment.

Implement better family policies. 

In a Pew study, 48% of employees mentioned family/child-care problems as a reason for switching jobs. Help support your workers with families, and offer options that allow them to achieve a stable work/life balance which doesn’t require neglecting their family.

Choose a recruitment marketing partner.

Long-term employees begin as great new hires! MyMobileLyfe recruitment marketing strategies can find, attract, and engage prime talent before they even apply, granting you access to the best workers available. Contact us to learn more.

Top tech talent is always in demand, leaving companies to compete for the best workers. Even once you make hires, it’s important to realize what it takes to encourage tech workers to stay at your company.

The following tips will help you attract and retain top tech talent:

Set realistic expectations.

It may be tempting to oversell your company’s growth opportunities in a job listing or initial interview to attract top tech talent. This is a mistake, according to Raconteur. Even if overselling attracts employees, they’ll quickly become dissatisfied once they realize the work isn’t what they expected.

Give your tech employees a sense of purpose.

It is important for all of your employees to understand where your organization is going and how they contribute to its purpose, Forbes says. Give your employees the necessary tools, let them know what you want to achieve, and then let everyone focus on producing those results.

Give them a value proposition.

You may be accustomed to offering a value proposition to your customers, Harvard Business Review points out, but this also needs to be a consideration when it comes to current and new hires. Salary is always important, but for talent retention, your company also needs to provide additional value, such as opportunities for growth or enticing employee benefits.

Make inclusivity a priority.

Having a diverse workforce is key to attracting and retaining tech talent, according to Commit to inclusion in your organization, and you’ll attract a diverse group of prospective employees who see themselves represented in your workforce. This will help them feel comfortable and valued within the company once they’re hired.

Make your work environment flexible.

The best way to ensure tech talent retention is by offering flexible work environments, a Deloitte study found. Tech professionals expect to have choices about their work, such as working fully remotely or having a hybrid work environment. About 46% of them would consider leaving an organization that stopped offering these options.

Don’t discount “soft” skills. 

Even among tech hires, “soft” skills are important, Deloitte points out. These include qualities that can’t be easily taught, such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. These types of skills are vital for the success of your tech teams, leading to greater talent retention.

Attracting and retaining top tech talent isn’t only about offering suitable compensation. By providing taking other important considerations into account like flexibility, inclusion, and a sense of purpose, you’ll be able to hire the ideal employee and increase the chance that they’ll stay with your company.

The quality of your workforce can make or break your company. As an employer, you need to hire professionals who know their craft to help you propel your business to new heights. But this is not an easy feat considering the competitive nature of the job market. This is where recruitment marketing comes in. Read on for more information about recruitment marketing, the best strategies to adopt, and what it can do for your business if you do it right!

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a process that employs marketing approaches to attract and engage job seekers enough to want to apply to your organization and get hired. It aims to lead job candidates towards applying to open positions that your company needs to fill.

The process involves creating awareness of job availability, tapping into the interest of qualified candidates, and turning your potential hires into applicants whom you can take through the recruitment process. It is similar to enticing the hires you want to check out your job advertisements and apply.

Strategies for Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing incorporates various elements that focus on positioning your company as the best place to work. Below are strategies you can use for your recruitment marketing to ensure you catch the eye of the best hires.

1. Employer Branding

Your company’s reputation and workplace culture and environment should not only mirror your mission and values, but also align with employee value proposition. A strong employee value proposition that caters to the needs of your workforce and sees them as more than a means to achieve your company’s bottom line can set you apart from competitors and make you a priority among the best candidates. This can be in the form of company salary and benefits, offering a flexible work culture, and championing for diversity and inclusivity during recruitment.

2. Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can increase the success of your recruitment marketing. Utilize social media to advertise job openings to showcase your employer brand to your target market. It is a great way to connect with potential hires, promote job openings, and humanize your business in a way that appeals to the candidates you want to attract.

3. Employee Referral Programs

One way to fill your job vacancies is by having your employees refer top talent to your company! You can offer incentives to employees who refer the right hires to encourage future employee referrals. This way, your employees get to learn the type of candidates you need, be proactive in helping you get them, and ensure a cultural fit, which shortens the recruitment process

4. Candidate Experience

The candidate experience during talent acquisition must be positive if you are going to attract top hires.  As an employer or HR professional, ensure the recruitment process is simple, straightforward, and seamless. Design every step of your hiring process to provide a great candidate experience, right from job posting to the onboarding process. No employee wants to apply to a company that takes them in circles and ends up wasting their time and money without the certainty of being hired.

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing for Businesses

Some of the benefits your business will enjoy when you implement recruitment marketing the right way include:

  • Attracting high-quality candidates
  • An Increase diversity in the candidates you hire
  • Recruitment becomes more efficient and therefore cost-effective and efficient
  • You shorten the hiring process as you lead the right candidates into the hiring funnel toward the available job positions

Talent acquisition can be an expensive and time-consuming process. By adopting recruitment marketing strategies, you can speed up the process and build a formidable workforce that will propel your company to new levels of success!