Content marketing: What was said the week of July 14

Each week, My Mobile Lyfe presents a few words, thoughts and advice from leading professionals and experts in the field of content marketing, along with the source from where they made their remarks.

“It is important to note that quality must be maintained, even if you are posting new content multiple times each day. Regardless of whether content is long or short, good, quality content is what gets shared and leads to conversions.”

Joshua Steimle, CEO of digital marketing agency MWI, in

We treat content marketing like mini product launches.”

Gary Sevounts of, in

There are two trends that marketers should be aware of: mobile is now representing anywhere upwards of 60 percent of traffic, and mobile suffers the most from degradation in performance.”

Joe Barber, CEO and founder of, in

“Content marketing is becoming inherently more social – as adoption continues to increase and users are turning to mobile devices as their ‘first-screen’ experience, the ability of content creators and businesses to reach them is contingent upon providing an easy, elegant and authentic experience.”

Alex Boyce, chief strategy officer at Woven Digital, in

The gap between content marketing awareness and good content marketing execution is not surprising. It’s something we run into every day at the Institute — what we call the digital skills gap. There simply aren’t enough trained content marketers to do the leg work. But the imperative for education is here and seen across the board, from entry level to CMO.”

Online Marketing Institute founder and CEO Aaron Kahlow, about the recently released study “Compare Your B2B Content Marketing Maturity