Content marketing: What was said the week of July 7

Each week, My Mobile Lyfe presents a few words, thoughts and advice from leading professionals and experts in the field of content marketing, along with the source from where they made their remarks.

“It’s so tempting to organize your content marketing around a ton of big thinkpieces and heavy e-books. Those definitely make up important parts of the funnel, but you need to have a way to get to the point.”

Alex Jonathan Brown in the Aptera blog

Mobile is intricately meshed into our consumer behavior. It’s not a single channel — it’s a gateway to “omni” as we use them not just to engage brands over the mobile web, but email, apps, social media. We also use them for the physical relationships of boarding passes and train tickets. But, none of these things provide a great customer experience (let alone omnichannel), and if you can’t do that, the channel is irrelevant.”

Ian Truscott, senior vice president at Tahzoo, in CMS Wire

If you’re marketing for an early-stage startup, every second counts. Any mistake is a massive setback. Setbacks ultimately lose potential customers.”

Content marketer and social media strategy consultant Sean Smith, in Copyblogger

“People are more trained to expect content that is relevant to them.”

BrightEdge CEO and co-founder Jim Yu, in the Springfield Entrepreneurship Examiner

It comes down to this: If compensation for your content team is based on different goals than those of other teams in your enterprise, you’ll never be as successful as you can or should be.  It may not be easy to bring everyone’s goals into alignment, but it’s absolutely essential.”

Joe Pulizzi in


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