Why outsourcing is an option

Your company may lack the in-house expertise to craft and implement a content marketing plan for a growing base of mobile customers. Don’t fret; you are not alone.

A recent poll conducted by Ascend2 reveals that a lack of in-house talent was the main hurdle to mobile marketing success. Not surprisingly, this has prompted a majority of businesses to turn to outsourcing for at least part of their content.

Laptop Work-3Ascend2 finds that 42 percent of markets were using mobile marketing and the same percentage had planned to in the future. In-house expertise will loom as a focus for companies, but so too will the expense involved in having staff on site to come up with the compelling and engaging content that customers are interested in.

Ascend2’s poll notes that budget limitations were the second-biggest problem for companies, which could lead to less hiring of pros who can do the mobile content marketing tasks well.

As a business owner with a focus on the bottom line, you may have little enthusiasm for creating, distributing or publishing marketing content or to have people do it in house on a full-time basis. Outsourcing is an option to be considered, if only to get started on developing and executing a mobile content strategy and training your in-house team — if you want one, or have one — to do the job.

Bottom line: It is about generating business and engaging a customer base. If you can’t do it, bring in someone who can.

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