Creating A Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Today, every business needs a content marketing plan to manage their digital presence. In this day and age it’s vital to have a killer content marketing strategy to engage consumers. But what exactly is involved in this?

Goals: The first thing any content marketing strategy must do is define goals. Without setting goals, you will have no way to measure the success of a content marketing strategy overall. If you are planning on executing multiple campaigns, and Campaign One’s goal is engagement and Campaign Two’s goal is conversion/CTR, you will measure the success of these campaigns in very different ways. Setting these goals and objectives is vital to understanding what is working, and what is not.

Personas: Who are you targeting with your content marketing strategy? What are their likes, dislikes, ages, where do they live, what are their hobbies? Coming up with a few personas of ideal customers you want to purchase your product will help you craft your story, increasing the liklihood of conversion.

Story: Keeping your goal in mind, determine what story you are trying to tell. How can you effectively reach your defined goals by telling your company or brand’s story. How is your product different? Why should your customers be motivated to buy your product? What differentiates your brand? Your story should exemplify these answers.

Engage: Your customers need to be aware of and engaged with your marketing strategy. Why do people go out every day and spend $8 on a coffee that they could reasonably make in their office, or at home? This company has captivated its customer with the product and with the experience. This daily ritual becomes more than a habit; it’s an act of devotion. Online, a great way to engage users is by leveraging social media channels that your customers are using every day

Innovate: You’re not trying to reinvent the wheel but you are trying to do something that sets you apart as a unique company and brand. This is one of the hardest things to do, but if you have defined your goals and personas, it will set some paramaters in which you can innovate while still being strategic.

Execute and Track: Once you have laid out your goals and steps, you need to execute the plan and track its progress. Tracking data is vital to understanding how successful your strategy is, and will help you make adjustments to fix what’s not working.

Creating and executing an effective content marketing strategy often leads to minimally impactful results. Creating a strong plan with measurable goals will help increase awareness of your brand, reach more customers and ultimately grow your business.

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