How to mine trade shows, expos for content

Conferences, marketing events and trade shows can be a lode of ideas for mobile marketing content.

It’s just a matter of how much you want to mine from that lode.

Observe the crowd attending a home improvement trade show, business networking fair or marketing conference, and what do you see? People checking their smartphones.

If you have a stake in that trade show or conference, those people could be reading content about your company or brand on site, while on the move.

It could be your company’s live tweets from the event, articles about your company CEO’s appearance, live stories posted from speaking events and workshops.

This is informational, branded content that can be accessed in real time, and provide opportunities for engagement with new customers and influencers through their mobile devices.

Consider, for example, distributing through your company’s website or social media page video from a speech by your top executive at an industry expo, video that is picked up by potential customers of the product or service that you provide.

The conference, trade show and industry expo is an opportunity to take advantage of a like-minded audience, gain leads and capture the attention and business of new customers.

Consider this when you check your calendar and plan ahead for the next trip.

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