Learn your target audience for your content

You’re the person in charge of creating content that enhances your brand’s profile and makes people want to know more and share it with others. The content will be well written, engaging and shareable by your target audience.

But do your know what that target audience is?

contentmktg_artIf you’re creating a digital narrative of the joys of owning and driving a luxury sedan, what is your focus? The consumer with the income to own it? Someone with the resources to lease it? Or who likes German engineering? Or who is interested in being a second-generation owner?

You’ll need a solid understanding of your customers and what they need and want, and how your company’s product, service or brand benefits them. You’ll also need a thorough knowledge of what you can present in the content that shows what your company, your business, can offer.

There are resources available to help you determine the audience to reach out to with your content.

Google Analytics shows who’s visiting your website, how they got there, how much time they spend and more. Surveys tell you what your customers are thinking about your brand. The use of Census Bureau economic statistics can also help in plotting your audience strategy. Try online resources like articles focusing on your particular audience, or blogs that record feedback from people who communicate their opinions.

Ask yourself some questions: Is this the audience I want to reach? Will it really benefit from the written marketing content? Are you giving the consumer something new, a nugget of knowledge they did not have before? Is this message effective enough to reach this particular audience based on the information you collected?

Learn your audience. The more you know about it in advance, the more effective and receptive the content you produce can be.