Skip the fluff in your content

Fluff. It’s comforting in pillows, appealing in clouds and essential in marshmallows.

But when it comes to content geared toward communicating your brand message, fluff is the unnecessary stuff that can block the purpose of what you have to present. That can cost you customers, which is the ultimate goal.

fluff_artIt’s always a challenge to communicate what you have to say effectively and precisely, especially when it comes to marketing a product or brand. The temptation for those creating written content is to show how much they know by producing as much as they can.

Unnecessary words creep into the narrative, clichés work their way into the presentation, concise descriptions are replaced by wordy phases.

The fluff can obfuscate the message you wish to present of your business or brand, which is not what customers seeking to be informed and educated want.

The quality of the writing and how you deliver your point is key, rather than how much of it is written. Tight, concise writing is essential to reach out to those with limited attention spans and a multitude of online distractions.

It can be a task, but the goal is getting the job done with content that connects with your consumer audience, and doing it effectively.