Consider the crowd for content

Putting together a content marketing strategy for your company can be a significant task. Those charged with promoting and marketing the corporate brand have to take into account how to consistently produce high-quality, informative and engaging content with the resources they have.

contentmktg_artUnless the content is outsourced, that means the existing staff must create the narratives or blogs or video segments and identify the best platforms where the investment will best pay off. It’s a lot of work, especially when staffing and budgets are stretched.

But turning to the crowd can help.

Companies can leverage crowdsourcing in their strategy to reach a target audience. Insights and ideas can be drawn from dozens, even hundreds, of contributors. When executed properly, it can play a pivotal role in content marketing efforts in these ways:

  • Crowdsourcing can speed up the creation of content from a pool of article and blog contributors.
  • Crowdsourcing can get customers, and potential customers, involved by giving them a forum to give input about your brand.
  • It gets the contributors invested in your marketing message.
  • Crowdsourcing can present diverse perspectives that can prove invaluable in your company’s marketing.
  • Crowdsourcing can break down the content process into more manageable parts.