Finding the right content balance

Content marketing is being taken seriously enough that companies are projected to set aside more money to get the best results.

The industry is expected to grow in 2014, according to a study conducted by content curation software company Curata Inc., which projects more than 70 percent of marketers will increase their investment in content marketing.

As we’ve posted earlier, more than 1.2 billion people access articles, images and video through mobile devices. This makes engaging content in great demand as a marketing tool.

But Curata also says companies will find that it takes more than an increased budget to be successful in content marketing.

One of the challenges they will face is how to consistently develop a steady stream of solid, relevant digital content with its own personnel.

The task of coming up with 100-percent researched and original content can be daunting to companies, which are being advised to balance its content production that allows 25 percent of it to be curated content, and 10 percent to come from Web syndicated sources like RSS feeds, with original content making up the balance.

Finding the right balance is important for those developing a content marketing strategy, even as more financial resources are being allocated to creating the right content that brings customers in and enhances brand awareness.