If you’re reading this, you’ve found your smartphone

polldinnerLiving the digital life can be a high-wire act.

That’s what can be learned from a poll that asks a sampling of 3,583 women how smartphones and social media affect their lives. The joint poll by Real Simple and the Huffington Post came up with some interesting findings. A sampling:

Where’s my phone? More than half of the respondents keep their smartphones close enough to the dinner table to hear, but conveniently out of sight. At bedtime, 47 percent keep the phones on the nightstand.

Now, where did I put it? The poll says 39 percent of respondents have checked for their smartphone in the bathroom. Another 15 percent have looked for it at a church, funeral or wedding.

This is illegal in many places: Some 39 percent of the respondents have texted behind the wheel, but only at a red light. Another 36 percent have, hmm, texted while driving.

Depends on the quality of content: Almost half of respondents say they would rather go without sex for a month than without their smartphones.

Read the rest of the results from the poll here on Real Simple.