Mobile is Huge Opportunity to Connect with Consumers

The use of mobile continues to increase with time. In fact, the global smartphone audience surpassed 1 billion in 2012 and is estimated to reach 1.75 billion by the end of 2014, according to eMarketer.

Smartphone penetration in the market offers a huge opportunity for companies to connect directly with their consumers.

Often, smartphone users are on-the-go, seeking information for an immediate purchase or experience (for example- searching for stores or restaurants located nearby).

Companies can tap into the connected consumer with timely coupons and discounts to attract them to their product by consistently sharing relevant, interesting and valuable content. With a focused mobile content marketing strategy, you will increase brand awareness and exposure, and reach new consumers daily.

If you don’t have a mobile content marketing strategy in place today, you’re wasting an opportunity to connect with customers. Get tips here for building your own strategy.

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