Tips to Consider When Building a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you checked your mobile device? If you are like most people it was probably just a few minutes ago- and most likely, you’re reading this article on your mobile device.

According to Pew Research Center, 58% of all American adults currently own a smartphone. It goes without saying that your business should be connecting to these on-the-go consumers, and to do that you need to create a mobile content marketing strategy.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when creating your mobile content marketing strategy.

1. Understand Mobile Behaviors

Mobile users spend an average of five seconds on any particular website. They are constantly jumping from site to site, searching for information. You need to make them stop and notice your content.

With smaller screens your content has to be optimized to be easily consumed. Your reader has an ever shortening attention span and if you cannot capture their attention right off the bat you have lost them.

2. Design With Mobile In Mind

When designing your website, mobile should be the first, second and third thing on your mind. Five inch screens are the average for smartphones, seven inch for tablets- and that doesn’t even take into account wearable technology. Is your company thinking about this? It should be.

Responsive design will allow your site to detect what size of screen is being used to view your content and will adjust automatically. You can add this feature to your website.

3. Be interesting

You can understand the on-the-go mobile users behavior and have a mobile optimized website, but if your content isn’t compelling no one will click to read. Create valuable, relevant content for your consumers and they’ll be interested enough to stick around.